Setting Up Your AdWords Account

Setting Up Your AdWords Account

One of the most important things that you need to do in order to be successful in online advertising is to correctly configure your Google AdWords account. (Talk to a Google Adwords consultant for Google AdWords help.) It is a foundation of your online advertising campaigns, and having a mediocre setup is a risky move that can cause you problems in both the short and long term. Ultimately, it will be hard to grow it with your business, which will eventually cost you money.

That’s easy enough to understand, but if you don’t know how to come up with a great account setup, you can’t get going. In an ideal situation, you would set up your campaign to look a lot like your website’s navigational menu. That makes it easier to track your account’s performance, and makes for a no nonsense campaign.

When it comes to selecting ad groups and keywords, you want to keep the groupings tight and specific. You want things to branch out under your campaign. For example, if you were a sporting goods store with great deals, you might name a campaign “Sporting Goods,” then break it down into ad groups for “baseball equipment,” “football equipment,” “soccer equipment,” and so on. You would then have keywords that targeted each ad group. Within an ad group, your headlines would target the specific type of group.

Some people view this method of setting up accounts as too time consuming, but the work pays off and it’s how we distinguish ourselves as a business. You want people to see an ad that is well targeted for their search. If they are looking for “baseball equipment,” and they see an ad that says “Baseball Equipment,” they are very likely to click on it. When that ad sends them to the perfect page on your site, which showcases deals on baseball equipment, you have a great chance for a sale and a smooth transition for the user from a search to your site to a checkout.

You can make that example work for your industry, but it will take a sizeable amount of research to discover the ways that people search for your products or services. Once you know that, it does take some hard work and some time to structure your account perfectly. However, these are investments that are going to pay big dividends for you as you grow your online business and set up effective, efficient advertising. If you think it’s too much to tackle, ask a few questions and get a free audit or advice to find out how I can help.

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