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It has been proven that BloomReach can help eCommerce websites grow their organic traffic; however, leveraging an expert to help manage your BloomReach install can provide optimizations that only a human could know, such as supporting marketing campaigns or quickly capitalizing on consumer trends!

If you’re interested in leveraging the SEO capabilities of the BloomReach application but don’t have the in-house expertise to ensure it will run effectively, you need Yael Consulting.

Yael Consultants offers hands-on, direct management of your BloomReach application.

Leveraging BloomReach, our experts can help make crucial SEO decisions such as:

  • Deciding which BloomReach theme pages to publish and at what volume
  • Selecting specific products to include within BloomReach pages
  • Ensuring  BloomReach content and your content work together
  • Crafting specific content that will help the organic visibility of BloomReach pages
  • Amplifying the visibility of key BloomReach content to improve its overall organic visibility
  • Working with your BloomReach rep to address issues and concerns with the application

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