Product UI-UX and System Analyst Positions

Thank you for considering the positions for:

Product Owner, UI/UX Designer, or System Analyst


The first step is to make sure you like the company, what we are working on, and see if it is interesting for you.

In the short video below, I will tell you:

  • More about the company
  • What we are working on
  • Tools we are building
  • Technologies we are using and
  • What we are about

Note: I don’t expect you to understand every detail about the company or the tools. I also don’t expect you to know how to build everything. I just want to make sure its interesting for you to work on full time and that you can research and figure out how to build and make it better..

(I know the word “Front End” is misspelled and the video gets cut off a bit at the end 😏)


If this sounds interesting and something that you may want to work on:

 Please click here to fill out the quick application from

(Note: the sooner you can apply the better, as we are looking to make a decision very soon)

Thank you again for applying and I am very excited to building a world-class team.


Lior Krolewicz,

CEO, Yael Consulting

(424) 239-9434

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