3 Awesome PPC Tips to Attract More Qualified Leads to Your Unglamorous SaaS Offerings

3 Awesome PPC Tips to Attract More Qualified Leads to Your Unglamorous SaaS Offerings

Software systems are becoming an ever-growing part of our working (and non-working) lives and we’re getting to be more savvy at finding which will suit our needs. Google searches are often the first point of call when looking for a new software system to answer a question or solve a problem and this is where PPC comes into play.

It’s increasingly more critical to be at the top of that SERP to get ahead of your competition and persuade the searcher to pick your software system. Here are three key strategies you can use to increase your ROI by eliminating irrelevant clicks and start increasing conversions.

1. Take an Educational & Problem-Solving Approach To Your PPC Strategy

Build trust in your company by offering customers a solution and provide tips and advice on how they may be able to solve their problem, rather than just pushing for a hard sale straight away. It’s all too easy to try to tempt customers with a “Buy Now!” or a “Email Us Today!” line but in reality, customers are looking for the best deals from a company they trust.

Here are some handy tips to avoid over-selling your business:
Add “problem” keywords to your campaigns: Use customer feedback and questions to identify problem/solution keywords rather than “buy now” or “purchase”. In this way, you may attract customers looking for help who then browse your website and realise you’re to be trusted because you’re not in it just for the sale.

Direct your ads to “solution” content: Structure campaigns using ad groups and ads that target different problems, leading to a landing page giving searchers an immediate solution e.g. an e-book or downloadable guide with no “sale” but an opportunity to collect searchers’ contact details.

2. Use Ad Testing to Ensure You’re Not Attracting the Wrong Audience

Despite being able to target location, age range, time and device, it still proves difficult to deliver ads to the exact “right” searchers you’re after. The best way to test ads is to have at least 2-3 ads running in each adgroup at a time and then also do the following:

Ensure your ads are rotating evenly or indefinitely: It is vital to select this option in Adwords under “Settings” > “Advanced Settings” > “Ad Delivery” to avoid one particular ad appearing more than the others and thereby invalidating the test.

Allow enough time to collect data: It is best to give each adgroup 30-60 clicks before making any changes to optimize ads.

Copy and pause old ads: Data resets if you change an ad so it’s best to preserve this data for future reference by copying the old ad, then pausing the original so you can then edit the copied ad as necessary.

3. Remarketing Is Your New Best Friend

SaaS lends itself to remarketing as it has a much longer sales cycle than simply buying a product. Using remarketing allows you to follow visitors around after they’ve been on your site to ensure they don’t forget about your service or product and provides a call-to-action which will (hopefully!) encourage them to return.

Remarketing is a great way to build further on your branding and target potential customers along the sales funnel. It is possible to select the “All Visitors” option on Adwords to start with and then, as you progress, you can target more specifically according to which page was visited.

So, there you have it. What are you waiting for? It’s time for you SaaS marketers to make huge improvements to your paid search campaigns and increase your return on your ad spend (ROAS)!

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