Banner Ads Best Practices

Banner Ads Best Practices

No matter what you’re searching for on the web or which website you’re browsing – they’re always there: Banner ads. Due to their omnipresence on the web, they get ignored more often than clicked on by viewers. Besides reasons like fear of spam or a virus, banner ads remain disregarded for their supposedly uninteresting content. We have collected useful best practices to make your banner ads more engaging and make sure they won’t get overlooked.

1. Keep It Simple Or Less Is More

Yes you want your banner ads to stick out and not be ignored but not at any price. Instead of using loud colors and crowded images, make sure to keep it simple. Use visuals with appealing colors and forego flashing designs. Make sure that your main advertising message is obvious in the blink of an eye.

2. Include A Call To Action

Your banner ads should always have a clear call to action. A call to action is extremely important since it tells viewers what to do and research shows that searchers tend to do what is asked of them in the call to action, provided there is one. Therefore, make sure your ads contain a “Get your free trial”, “Sign up now”, or “Order online”.

3. Make Your Landing Page Match

Just as important as having a strong call to action is the landing page that your banner ad leads to after being clicked. Directing your viewers to a site that has nothing to do with the content of your ad defeats the purpose of your banner ad. Make sure visitors get what they see when they click on your ad by leading them to a landing page that matches your banner ad in style, color, font, and message.

Banner ads have a huge and sometimes underestimated potential for traffic increase. By following simple best practices like keeping your ads clean, including a strong call to action, and directing visitors to relevant landing pages you can generate more traffic to your website and make your display network campaign more successful. And most importantly, your banner ads will stick out – in a positive way.

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