Reduce Bounce Rates in Google AdWords in 8 Simple Steps

Reduce Bounce Rates in Google AdWords in 8 Simple Steps

Reducing Bounce Rate is a high priority for increasing conversions. It tells you how many people arrive on your site and close the page quickly, never clicking through to another page or continuing the sales process. According to, average bounce rates fall between 26% and 70% and anything under 40% reflects a well-designed website. A landing page with a direct call to action will generally have a much higher bounce rate where searchers are not willing to commit immediately.

How can you reduce your bounce rate and increase searchers’ interest in your page? Read my top tips below:

1. Quality of Landing Page

Searchers asses a website in less time than a reader judges a book by its cover. You have about 10 seconds to make an impression. Is your chosen landing page the most appropriate? Does it give searchers the right idea about your company? Consider these questions to analyze your landing page.

2. How Long Does it Take the Page to Load?

Searchers don’t hang around for a page to load when there is a page full of your competitors on the click back arrow. Avoid heavy graphics which demand a long time to load and concentrate on ensuring your landing page is clear and concise.

3. Is Your Page Optimized For Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices are being used more and more often but there are still companies which do not have a suitable web design to cater for smartphones and tablets. Searchers are not going to spend time scrolling down and across small-print pages, they will simply move on to your competitor.

4. Call to Action

In the choosing and designing of your landing page, bear in mind what you would like the visitor to your website to actually do i.e. buy a product, fill in a form, download a document. Make this obvious and clear to your user so they do not need to look around and waste time.

5. Negative Keywords

Spend time identifying negative keywords with the view to avoid irrelevant searches. To this end, only searchers who are looking for your product or service specifically will arrive at your website.

6. Set Expectations with Your Ad Text and Promotional Graphics

Grab attention and set expectations with your ads but don’t disappoint with the website to which searchers arrive. Don’t annoy visitors by having given a flashy, false message in your ad and then not deliver.

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