Online Marketing Results Are Relative – Don’t Cheat Yourself

Online Marketing Results Are Relative – Don’t Cheat Yourself

“Results are relative” – don’t cheat yourself

If your client came with a product/service from your competition you could easily tell if it was good or not. However, when you move outside your realm of expertise it’s much harder to differentiate between qualities because you are not as “in” that market.

Often I find prospective clients that are “happy” with results and are reluctant to try our “Free SEM strategy session”, they believe “all is peachy in the online marketing department!” However, those who gave it a try quickly found out that their results could be a lot better and they are actually losing a lot of money advertising on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Some of the things we discovered in client SEM strategy sessions are:
• Up to 5% of the budget wasted on keywords completely unrelated to their offering
• Overpaying 2-3X due to poor keyword quality scores
• Affiliates stealing their lunch (cheap converting traffic)

A free strategy session is just that “free” and there is no commitment. I honestly believe that any company can benefit from it even if they decide that our services are not for them (we offer free expert SEM tips when we uncover opportunities).

In the old days it was said that “I know 50% of my marketing dollars are being spent correctly, I just don’t know which half” – with Search Engine Marketing you have control of knowing which half and the ability to act on it immediately.

Spend your online marketing budget wisely in 2020 and make more sales online, profitably.

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