Google Inbox – Smarter Than Gmail

Google Inbox – Smarter Than Gmail

Google inbox is not just for email. Google inbox is a new innovative app that the Google Gmail team has creatively put together. Google inbox combines important features that are used on a daily basis. It’s a very easy to use and easy to access app with a modern user interface. This is a fun new way of using email along with other features. This is a whole new step forward in the emailing world making it more interactive, and a much smoother method of operation.

Google inbox features:

Google inbox combines your email, notifications, reminders, organizer, calendar, messages, alerts, etc. Google inbox was created to make life easier by putting what is important to you, all in one app. Life is too busy to be searching from app to app opening your email, find your reminders, checking your organizer, look for tasks on your calendar, you get the point. Combining all of these features together, helps make life a little smoother.

Development of Google inbox:

Having many different apps is a great thing to have access to. Being able to have the option to choose what app you want on your device is a great feature. However, when you are in a tight pinch and need to have access to multiple apps, it can get frustrating and time consuming. Whether or not this is a replacement for Gmail, Google inbox does offer many flexible features which make it very appealing. The Google Gmail team has done a great job listening to their customers and has come up with a wonderful new solution to this problem. From what we have seen so far, this is much welcomed new feature which will most likely be an app on every ones devices. Could this be the future of email? We’ll have to wait and see.

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