Quality Score Breakdown From a Google Adwords Consultant

Quality Score Breakdown From a Google Adwords Consultant

Quality Score Breakdown from a Google Adwords Consultant

Quality score is a metric that is of vital importance for your Google Adwords account. This metric will impact every auction for the keywords in your account. The problem is that many business owners are not aware of this metric or, if they are, are unsure of the basics. Google doesn’t go into too much detail on how they determine this number, which contributes to the mystery around this. As a dedicated Google Adwords Consultant, I will try to break down this metric and show why it’s essential.

Quality Score Overview

To understand Google Adwords, you need to understand that Google Adwords is an auction. In simplest terms, every time a user searches, there is an auction to determine where each ad will rank. The two factors that determine the ad position are keyword bid and quality score. Keyword bid is reasonably straightforward, with most advertisers being familiar with this term. If you bid $5 on a keyword in your account, you are saying that you will pay up to $5 for that click. But what also goes into this equation is the quality score for the keyword. The higher the quality score, the lower bid is required to reach the same ad rank. This means that if you have excellent quality score metrics across all your keywords, you might have to bid lower than your competitors for the same term. The tricky part is how to get this high-quality score.

Quality Score Tips form a Google Adwords Management Service

  1. Relevance Matters

The easiest way to understand the quality score is to think of it as a measure of relevance. Google is a business, and at the end of the day, their AdWords need to make money. One key component of this is showing relevant ads. This creates a better user experience, and the user is likely to use Google again. If Google let each search go to the highest bidder, many search results would become completely irrelevant.

To make sure your keywords are relevant, you have to create a campaign structure that makes sense. With a great campaign structure, the most relevant ad will show to the user’s search. Then bring the user to the most relevant page on your website. Then continually work and improve your landing pages. This will create a long average session duration and a lower bounce rate. Ultimately, if you master this whole funnel , your quality score can’t help but be high.

  1. Monitor Your Quality Score

The simplest way to improve something is to be aware of it. The default column in Google Adwords will not show your keyword quality score. If you are not a Google Ads consultant, you might not be familiar with the additional columns. But using the customize column feature, you can see the quality score of each keyword. Now you can see your quality score and work on improving it with each analysis of your account.

  1. Improve and test your Ad copy

Besides making changes to your website and improving your landing page, the best thing you can do to improve your quality score is improving your ads. One factor that Google looks at is your click-thru rate, or how many people clicked your ads out of the times it was shown. The higher your click-thru rate, the more relevant Google sees your ad. Continually testing your ads and monitoring your click-thru rate will help ensure your quality rate improves

  1. Use Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are addons to your standard text ads. Google encourages using these, and adding these to your accounts will help improve your overall Quality Score.

Although there are some exceptions, when we may want to sacrifice the qualify score, this metric will be vital for your account. Many Google Adwords management services have systems and processes to improve the Quality Scores of each managed account. But using some of the basic techniques here, you can start implementing this in your own account.

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