Is It a Good Idea To Advertise on Bing?

Is It a Good Idea To Advertise on Bing?

The majority of the search traffic in the world is through Google, so naturally most businesses that do online advertising work with Google AdWords as well. If you’ve been using AdWords for quite some time and are only making incremental improvements in your advertising performance, you may be looking outside the Google box in order to make big leaps and bounds in your sales. One idea to broaden your horizons is to advertise with Bing, another leading search engine. If you feel that you’ve maximized your performance on Google AdWords, this is a good idea.

The great thing about maximizing your results on Google AdWords first is that it does have a lot more traffic, so not only are you using the best tool available, you’re also getting the largest sample size for your testing. Almost everything you learn from your advertising on Google should carry over to Bing. As such, you can pretty much copy your campaign over. This is so common and acceptable that Bing actually offers tools in its AdCenter that allow you to copy over your AdWords account settings or you can solicit help with Google Adwords on how to utilize this tool.

Once you copy everything over to Bing to start your advertising there, make sure that you double-check that all of your important settings copied over without any issues. One thing to make sure that you remember is to add conversion tracking through Bing, as well as Google, so that you can track conversions through both AdWords and AdCenter. It’s still going to be an important part of your decision-making.

One of Bing’s major strategies has been to create a look and feel that is a lot like Google’s, but it’s still worth checking out the tutorials to make sure that you know all there is to know about AdCenter. When it comes time to start putting the advertising in motion and spending money, expect it to be a lot lower of a budget on Bing due to the lower traffic. Still make sure that you try to maximize profitability, as it can grow your business well.

As long as you have enough free time to devote to advertising on Bing, it’s a great way to grow your company and try to make the next jump in profitability. You can’t just set it up and forget about it, as campaigns have to be managed and monitored over time. However, as long as you devote some time to it you should see good results.

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