Google Merchant Center Disapprovals World Wide, Again

Starting around 2:30pm EST, we started seeing that a few of our clients’ Google Merchant Center accounts being disapproved, suspended and products not being promoted. We immediately started troubleshooting and contacting Google about the issue.

By 4pm EST, we noticed that more and more Google Merchant Center disapprovals would roll in back to back within minutes. Client’s began to reach out as they started to receive the notifications and emails as well. Once our inboxes began flooding with concerns on multiple accounts, we realized that it was a mass issue across all accounts.

Ginny (@AdsLiaison) mentioned that there has been an issue and she’s looking into it. We sent her a few account numbers that have been effected that she would look into it and reassured us that the issue is working on being fixed.


When the day rolled around, we found that accounts in the UK were also being effected, having the same problems that we had just experienced. This is when we noticed that this had also become a world wide issue.

We looked into this a little more, and found that a similar situation had occurred on February 15th, 2022, almost exactly a year to date.

As of 8am EST this morning, we started seeing that our ads slowly began to be approved again.

We have been looking into each account to verify that the Google Merchant Center accounts are now approved, live, but also to make sure that Ads are running smoothly before confirming that the issue has been fixed.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, Google.

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