Why Is Click-Thru Rate Important in Google Adwords

Why Is Click-Thru Rate Important in Google Adwords

Why Is Click-Thru Rate Important in Google AdWords?

Although it is possible to run campaigns with an average to below-average click-thru rate (CTR), the higher your CTR, the better. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule, but this tends to be the case for most campaigns. As a Google Adwords Management service, CTR is always on the top of our minds. And it is arguably one of the most critical parts of any account. Here we will go over the fundamentals of CTR and why Google considers it so important. Then I’ll add in some Google Adwords Consultant tips to keep your CTR high.

The Importance of a High Click-Thru Rate (CTR) Explained by Google Adwords Consultant

To cover the basics, CTR is the number of clicks divided by the total impression. CTR is found on the many levels throughout an account. You can view it on the keyword level, ad group level, ad level, and as broad as the campaign or account.

But why should your CTR matter? Why should you aim to have a high CTR?

The simple answer to this is you will pay less per click. If you are not working for a Google Adwords management service, you could even stop here. As long as you understand that a higher CTR will get you cheaper clicks, you can run your campaigns fine. But if you want to know why continue reading.

Google wants to show relevant results for each search. The more relevant or your ad is to the search term, the more likely the user will click. The same concept applies to the organic results as well. As users continue to have good experiences using Google’s search engine, they are more likely to come back. Google uses its Quality Score metric to make sure they deliver relevant results for each search term. The higher your CTR, means more users are clicking on your ad. Google then takes this to signal that your ad is very relevant to the users. With this, your Quality score will go up. With higher quality scores comes a higher ad rank, and your CPCs will go down.

Keeping Quality Score in mind means with higher CTRs, your bids can be lower. The same keyword that used to cost you $10 to show up #1, now only costs you $8. Some people might believe you need to be a master copywriter to bring your CTR up. Or you need to hire some copywriting wizard to come in and rewrite all your ads. But in most cases, simply creating a highly relevant ad that shows what your business does will do the trick. Don’t get me wrong. There are strategies and techniques a Google Adwords consultant will use to write ads and change the copy. But do not get too intimidated to try if you are a business owner managing your campaigns.

Beyond Google’s Quality score and algorithm, a CTR allows you to take advantage of the limited searches. You can’t control how many times someone searches for terms related to your business. And not even the best Google Adwords consultant can make people search for it more. So every impression is valuable, especially for low volume terms. If you are not optimizing your click-through rate, every searcher who doesn’t click on your ad becomes a missed customer. As a Google Ad’s management service, we hate to see missed opportunities like these.

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