Recruiting and Keeping a Good AdWords Management Agency

Recruiting and Keeping a Good AdWords Management Agency

Recruiting and Keeping a Good AdWords Management Agency

Investing a little time and effort in finding and agreeing terms with the right Google AdWords management agency is a fine example of short term pain, long term gain. Although there is a wide range of choice of agencies on the market, there is also a wide range of quality.

Because of this, taking a little time to shortlist options and making your choice is a vital step to ensuring that you recruit the right partner to suit your firm. Once you have done that, spend time onboarding and skilling up the AdWords management company on your business. Doing so will ensure they have all the tools in place to make your campaigns as successful as possible.

Don’t expect an instant fix

Even when you have recruited the right partner and spent time telling them about your business and what you need from the campaigns, good AdWords campaigns take a little time. Let your agency get bedded in and don’t put pressure on too early. Setting up the technicalities, getting budgets right and optimizing keywords takes a little bit of time and finesse.

What skills are you looking for in your AdWords management services?

Paid advertising channels contain a number of sub-sectors, and there are many different skills involved in getting these right. Take some time to consider the skills and accreditations your chosen AdWords management consultant has because it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Some agencies will specialize in search marketing, whereas others may have particular expertise in re-marketing or display. Restrict your search as much as possible to AdWords management agencies that specialize in what they say they specialize in.

Take the time to ask your shortlisted agencies about their skills and credentials as well as any existing clients they may have. Ideally, ask for some client reviews and see how satisfied each agency’s customers are with their services. This is the some of the most important data you can gather about your agency, as it shows their skills and their customer service levels clearly.

How to interview your shortlisted agencies

Before you begin shortlisting and interviewing candidates for your Google AdWords management service, establish some main criteria you are looking for. Are you looking for a dedicated account manager? How senior will that person be? What is their track record, and their experiences with other clients?

Also, ask for an itemized version of your quote. This should lay out your campaign budget, and the amount of your spend that will actually go on Google ads. The second part of your cost structure is the agency fee you will pay for your specialist’s services. Check that you are happy with the balance of these costs and how much of your budget is actually apportioned to AdWords. Doing so will also help you ensure there are no unexpected costs from your agency and what will be included in their service.

Another key consideration is the reporting the agency will provide to you. Ensure you will get regular access to your metrics, campaign KPIs, and budget breakdowns.

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