How to Increase Your Knowledge of Google Ads

How to Increase Your Knowledge of Google Ads


Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a successful tool to help you boost your income and your brand. Since its inception in 2000 and more recently, rebrand in 2018, Google Ads has helped blog and business owners maximize their exposure and profit from leads and innovative marketing strategies.

If you want to perfect your green thumb or identify the best stocks to buy, you start digging to determine how to do just that. While there is a learning curve when learning how to successfully navigate Google Ads, with time and effort, you can soon develop the skills it takes to run an effective campaign.

If you’re wanting to know everything there is to know about Google Ads (before hiring a Google Ads consultant for example), start with these techniques:

  • Read and Study: The Internet offers many tools with basic information about Google Ads. We recommend starting with Google’s Free Ad Academy. While the academy may not make you an expert, it can provide you with the fundamentals and standard material you need to determine if Google Ads is a good fit for you.
  • Dive Into the Experience: Just as with gardening, you would pick up your tools and start digging, learning more about Google Ads requires you to experience it. Test it out on your own, observe what works and what doesn’t work and then develop your own ‘Green Thumb.’ With Google Ads you have several choices to launch campaigns. You can opt for campaigns that show your products right on the Google search page and campaigns that prompt customers to text or call right from the search page. As browsers and consumers click on your ad, you generate more leads and customers. Experimenting with Google Ads can help you to determine just the right structure that works for you and delve deeper into how to optimize each campaign to ultimately find an effective one for your business.
  • Research the Campaigns: In order to find success with Google Ads, you must also learn more about how to do just that. While Google’s Free Ad Academy helps you to navigate a variety of campaigns that exist to see if one or more are good fits for your business type. In addition, Google also launches new features and modified changes to existing campaigns on a regular basis, so the learning never stops.
  • Test the Ideas: As with stock trading and gardening, to become an expert, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or make several mistakes before you get it right with Google Ads. Do some research and follow a few experts who have found success. Take in this advice and test their ideas firsthand. Trial and error is an important way to learn, but if you can avoid the mistakes those before you have made, you can perfect the use of Google Ads much sooner than most. Keep in mind, though, that you should research several experts versus just taking the approach of one Google Ads expert. Be open to change and compile a variety of strategies to personalize the experience.
  • Evaluate the Feedback: The great thing about Google Ads is that you learn immediately what is working and what is not working. The feedback is immediate and you can learn quickly and revel in the challenges and triumphs of your work. Evaluate the reports after testing out a few methods and then make changes based on the feedback. For example, you may soon realize that your keywords are much too broad or the type of ads you are launching aren’t suitable for the selected audience. While it’s not usually recommended that you chase your quality score, you can use it as an indicator. The bottom line is that your focus should be on the results and profitability you are noticing with each campaign.

As you increase your knowledge of Google Ads, it’s essential that you have fun with it. It’s fun. It’s Challenging. It’s Fulfilling. It’s Frustrating. It’s Google Ads.

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