How To Become a Master of PPC

How To Become a Master of PPC

If you think of AdWords as a skilled profession, which it is, then the question of how to become in the top 1 percent of PPC specialists comes down to one simple question: what does any skilled professional do?

We’ve rounded up a four-point checklist that helps professionals work their way to the top. Pay close attention:


If you don’t care about AdWords and it doesn’t interest you, let it go.

This means that the results won’t matter to you, which defeats the purpose entirely. It’s the emotion, drive and care about what you do and feeling that the results are something to prove to yourself that’s going to give you the drive to be more successful.

Bottom line: take pride and care in your AdWord campaigns.


AdWords is both an art and a science; science with numbers, statistics and analytics, but also an art, figuring out how things interact paired with testing different positions and ad copy.

If you enjoy solving problems and view it as a fun thing to do, you can spend endless hours figuring it out on your own, resulting in working out how to improve it.


Read statistics along with blogs and journal articles on what other PPC specialists recommend.

Education is often learnt best by doing; test something, get feedback and then apply it to the next campaign.

Learning with external and internal sources can really help in becoming superior in your skills and get your own style through trial and error.


Like any sport, practice daily and learn by doing. Once you do this, you’ll start identifying trends, which will enable you to intuitively see things that others can’t. By doing it often, you’ll be able to perfect your skills and become great at what you do.

Put time in and practice daily, and you will become the top 1% of PPC specialists.

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