Ad Copy Tips from a Google Adwords Consultant

Ad Copy Tips from a Google Adwords Consultant

Ad Copy Tips from a Google Adwords Consultant

With bidding and other aspects becoming automated, ad copy is even more critical in Google Adwords. After all, this is the only part of your account that the user will see. Even with the best-structured accounts and keywords, the ad is still the only visible part of your campaigns. This article will go over some of the best practices that Google Adwords Agencies use for their ad copy.

Best Practices for Search Ads from a top Google Adwords Agency

  1. Serve a Relevant Ad

This is an inarguable factor for ad quality. And ironically, this is mostly determined by your account structure. By having a campaign structure that matches your ad to relevant keywords, the user will be more likely to click on the ad. This increases the click-thru rate and improves the overall quality score. A knowledgeable Google Adwords consultant will help create an account structure that makes sense for your business. If you are creating the campaigns yourself, a good rule of thumb is to follow your website’s structure.

  1. Use the Maximum Amount of Ad Real Estate

Google sets character limits on all sections of the ad. These are 30 characters for headlines and 90 characters for descriptions.  With such limited space to feature your product or service, you must use all the space given. This means getting as close to the character limit as possible while still making getting your point across. Also, be sure to create all three headlines and two descriptions and URL paths. Although Google will not always show all of these items on every impression, you still must give Google a chance to.

  1. Don’t Underestimate URL Path

When creating an ad, Google gives you the option to create a display URL path known as “Path 1” and “Path 2”. This is a short 15 character option that will be added to the final URL. Often this is overlooked, but the URL is one of the most frequently read parts of the ad by a user. Commonly read even before the description. Make sure to add these to all ads and show more relevant content to grab the user’s attention

  1. Create Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are optional add-ons that you can create to show with your ad. Although extensions are not needed to get an ad approved, they are essential to all accounts. Google has multiple extensions available, but at the minimum, most Google Adwords management agencies recommend using site links, callouts, and structured snippets. Then you can create others like location, promotion, or call extensions if they are relevant to your business. Extensions are vital as they not only increase the real estate you take upon the SERP but will help improve the overall quality score

  1. State the Benefits of Your Product or Service

This is a tip that you will not only hear from Google Adwords consultants but from any marketer or copywriter. It is essential to state the features of any product or service, but make sure to show the benefits as well. For example if you are selling a desktop, don’t simply state how many GB of storage it has, but call out how much this will help the user handle large files or run intricate programs.

  1. Continually Test Your Ad Copy

The benefit of using a Google AdWords management agency is most have an advanced system for testing your ad copy. They will be able to fine-tune your ads to optimize your click-thru rate to get continually cheaper clicks. But even without this service, you can set up your system and find your winning headlines.

Final Thoughts

Using these tips and best practices,  I hope you are now confident enough to create your ads. Even without the help of a Google Adwords consultant, you can still develop winning ads for your business.

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