Why Shouldn’t I Use Google Adwords For Retargeting

Why Shouldn’t I Use Google Adwords For Retargeting

Why Shouldn’t I Use Google Adwords For Retargeting?

As a Google Adwords consultant, I definitely recommend using Google Adwords for retargeting. I can definitely understand why someone may have told you not to, or how you may have ended up reading this sentiment on the internet. I’m sure there have been a ton of cases of individuals setting up retargeting on Google Ads and not getting a strong ROI. Some of these people may have other retargeting efforts setup on other platforms like Facebook, and they might have seen stronger results there. It’s true, you might end up with better retargeting performance on Facebook than Google, but you’ll never know that unless you try both.

It’s also very important to consider that there are many factors crucial to the success of a retargeting campaign. It’s possible that someone who didn’t see results with Google retargeting didn’t have it setup optimally. As any good Google Adwords management company will tell you, there’s a lot of different ways to set up retargeting. The right settings and ads are crucial to performance.

Without seeing inside of someone’s Google Adwords accounts, we can’t know that they were using the best audiences, or if they were even set up correctly. It could be that 90% of their spend was being used on people who haven’t been on the site for 60 days, meanwhile 90% of their sales happen within the first 7 days of interaction.

The industry and urgency involved with your business will also play an important role in the success of your remarketing campaign. Many companies see that returning users can have a conversion rate double that of first time users. In fact, there are many businesses that find that their average customer visits their site more than 5 times before purchasing. If you’re selling products that cost over $1,000 and are often lifetime purchases, people will typically want to do a lot of research and comparison shopping. Showing your brand consistently to these customers is crucial to getting the sale.

On the other hand, if you’re a plumber, retargeting might not work as well. If someone is searching “emergency plumber pipes burst,” they’re probably looking for someone to solve their problem immediately. By tomorrow, their pipes are patched up and they no longer need a plumber. That’s not to say if you’re in that industry you shouldn’t bother with retargeting, but that it’s more likely to do better for long sales cycle ecommerce than emergency services.

Another important component of a successful remarketing campaign is messaging. Once you’re retargeting someone, they’ve already been to your site. They know who you are. Now you have to tell them what separates you from your competition.

If you’re selling cordless vacuums, you might have gotten someone to click your ad initially by having headlines that say, “Voted #1 Cordless Vacuum.” Now this shopper has seen a few companies claiming this and you have to help them understand why you’re better. Include headlines detailing that your warranty is an industry best. Tell them your vacuum recharges in half the time of the competition. Give them the key features that will make them buy your product.

What A Good Google Adwords Management Company Would Do

An expert Google Adwords consultant knows the power of retargeting with Adwords. They’ll know how to set up the audiences properly. They’ll be able to set up dynamic remarketing for ecommerce clients and in most cases, they’ll recommend retargeting on other platforms as well as Google. Why limit your reach? Your customers use a variety of platforms and websites, and you should be there to get that sale.

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