Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Creating Landing Pages That Convert


Any Google AdWords expert will tell you that Landing pages undoubtfully are extremely important for every marketing campaign. They eventually determine whether users are going to contact your company to learn or purchase your products or services.

Understand what your unique selling propositions are

Creating landing pages that convert might sound easy but it is actually one of the most difficult tasks for online marketers. First of all, you need to have a clear overview of what makes your product unique. Why should somebody buy from you? What makes you better? What would make it worth it to invest the time in switching from an existing provider to you?

These are all questions you need to be able to answer to when a customer lands on your page. They will be looking for this to determining whether they should continue to read or not. Given the importance of this, you should be placing your key differentiators above the fold in a visible part of the page.

Position the content strategically on your page

The second step in setting up a successful landing page is organizing the content you want to display. In general, you should be placing your key selling proposition (your key differentiation points) on the top of the page. The top part of the page should also include a clear call to cation that can guide users on what to do on the page. Call to actions play a strong psychological influence on users and therefore be extremely cleat in saying what you want visitors to do on your page.

The part of the page below the fold should provide more information regarding the points that were made above the fold. This is usually quite a lengthy an information rich section of the page since it is the one that is going to provide visitors with the most amount of information to be able to take an informed decision.

Use headings to facilitate the work of your readers

Another best practice when it comes to landing pages is to organize the content in sub sections to allow new users to skip through the page and still understand what it is about. Most first-time visitors will have a quick look at the page before investing more time on it. It is a best practice to bold headings that you want people to focus on while skipping through the page. Psychologically, our eyes are trained to read bold and bigger text and this is something you should use to your advantage.

The difference is in the details

There are a few other elements that usually improve the performance of a landing page. The most important one definitively is the presence of a chat service. If possible, an active chat representative drastically increases the chances of website visitors to actually convert. Chats are great for quick questions from users that are still determining what you can offer what they are looking for. Many companies use chats as a mean to generate more calls are usually converting well.

Having a physical address and a phone number also helps with conversions because they add a layer of credibility to your business. It is recommendable to use them on the top of the screen but without occupying too much space since this shouldn’t be the main focus of the page.

Finally, add testimonials, links to social media and any other element that could help with creating trust and credibility are also very important elements that you should focus on. Testimonials should go below the fold even though it would also be a good test to place one testimonial above the fold. Social media links should be placed accordingly to the design template you are using but they shouldn’t have big buttons because you want to avoid people to navigate away from your page.

In conclusion

Creating a landing page that convert actually requires some time and it is a never-ending process because you should be analyzing performance and optimize your page accordingly. Readability, navigability, clarity, content simplicity and good copywriting will get you a long way!

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