Pick the Right AdWords Management Service for Your Enterprise

Pick the Right AdWords Management Service for Your Enterprise

Pick the Right AdWords Management Service for Your Enterprise

Google AdWords management is a skilled profession. Agencies and freelancers in the field need to keep up with regular changes in Google’s algorithm and criteria that ads are scored. Doing so involves regular research, best practice sharing and keeping abreast of the latest trends and tips.

In short, Google AdWords management is not something that can be carried out effectively with a half-baked approach.

How to recruit the best AdWords management service for you

If you are a small business looking for revenue growth or to win new market share, hiring a Google AdWords management agency is a great place to start. Regardless of your budget and goals for your AdWords campaign, it is essential to approach the recruitment process carefully.

Be prepared to search for a few agencies, and draw up a shortlist of the best candidates. Once you have done so, there are a few important things to take into consideration.

You get what you pay for

If you are looking for the experience of a Rolls Royce, avoid cheaper brands. It is no different with Google AdWords management consultants.

That said, be aware of pricing. Some large agencies, while highly reputable and competent, can be extremely expensive. But from them, you can likely expect a dedicated account manager or team depending on your planned spend. By contrast, taking on a freelancer will mean you get the skills of a talented expert for a relatively modest cost, but that person may have other jobs.

Ensure you know who you are hiring, and the level of focus and deliverables you can expect to receive from them.

Look close to home

If you already use a marketing agency to run different aspects of your digital marketing efforts, ask them if they offer AdWords management services as a first point of call.

Doing so could not only save you time and money, but it ensures you can work with someone that knows your business already and can make a quick start. It also saves your time since you won’t have to go through an onboarding process to bring a new agency up to speed.

AdWords campaign management – the finer points

Getting to the top in Google is one thing – staying there is another matter entirely. With the ever-changing setup of Google’s algorithm, expert agencies need to stay on the ball. Doing so ensures that your AdWords will remain optimized.

Getting online quickly is also another benefit of AdWords. Unlike other marketing activities, Google AdWords campaigns are quick to get off the ground, and can deliver quick value. Compared to organic SEO activities, AdWords campaigns can be setup relatively overnight, and can start delivering results almost as quickly.That said, it is wise to always allow a new agency a little time to get the quirks ironed out, your keywords optimized, and your ad copy just right. Expecting miracles overnight is ambitious, but you also need to be realistic and allow a little time for setup and creation of the right content.

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