Shopify Partner Marketing

Shopify Partners Marketing


Shopify made it very easy to start your own shop and, with over 375,000 merchants on the platform, it’s becoming increasing more accessible to run your e-commerce store. THIS IS BAD FOR YOU. Because lower barrier to entry means your competition is increasing daily.

A Good Business on Shopify is the Starting Point

Let’s say your offering, positioning and customer satisfaction is great, what separates the successful shops from the failures is your marketing. A Shopify shop still needs marketing to bring the right traffic at the right cost to grow it profitably. This is where we come in.

CASE STUDY: 50X Growth in 365 Days

In 2015 we migrated a WordPress site for a shoe company (could be the shoes you have on right now) to Shopify. On WordPress it was selling $20,000 per month ($600/day). We moved it to Shopify, added some nifty apps, our kickass marketing, and within 10 days it was selling $40,000 PER DAY (yes, really).

We ended the month under $400,000 because we were told to slow down marketing because their fulfillment center was blowing up (no not literally). 6 Months later they were selling $750,000 per month and 1 year later $1,000,000+ a month. They also built their email list to over 65,000 subscribers and took their brand to the next level.

Keepin’ It Real: “No BS Disclosure”

21488528_s LET’S BE REAL. To be consistent with my NO BS reputation, I’m going to tell you that this result is not common and cannot be done by anyone anytime. However, when this sort of opportunity meets good marketing, then amazing things happen. The shoe company needed more than the Shopify platform. It needed ‘Google AdWords help, Facebook Marketing, and a whole lot of creativity. If you are investing in online marketing today, we can review your Shopify marketing channels within minutes and tell you exactly what needs to change.

Lucky One Hit Wonder

“But the market is changing and advertising is getting harder. It was easier a year ago”, right? Nope. Since online marketing runs in an auction model then a lot of terrible marketers push their bids but these businesses don’t last (no one has an endless supply of money. I still see dozens of terrible advertising campaigns a month that were built by “Google AdWords experts“.  I get mixed feelings: angry and happy at once.

Businesses come to me for marketing help. Way too often I see accounts built so poorly that its literally just throwing away its money away. It upsets me that they are taken advantage of and wasted so much money. On the other hand, this being their benchmark – garbage marketing – it’s very easy to turn their business around, so everyone is happy (and profitable).

Sorry, You Just Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Secret Sauce Many people think their marketing is “working fine” and it is effective enough for their business. But you don’t have a benchmark for what is “good” marketing. You just know what is “good” relative to what you have been doing.  That’s why I provide free audits and assure results – it’s just THAT obvious that I will get your better results.

No Secret Sauce Marketing

Because results are relative, the online marketing industry is plagued with over promises and under delivering. If you have a smooth sales team, you can grow your advertising agency by offering a lot upfront then smooth-talking the client for months until they run out of money. It’s not sustainable and it soon catches up with agencies faster than they think.

Anyway, this is why we tell clients everything we are going to do in their account in our audit, for FREE. If it’s not a fit, we’ll tell them. When it is a fit, we just follow through with what we promised and the results do the rest. Shopify is a great start for e-commerce. Good Shopify marketing will take it from a hobby to a business, and from a business to realizing your vision.

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