How To Fix Your Google Ads Account


Hi, (it’s Lior, CEO at Yael Consulting)

I’m excited to help guide you on how to build your Google Ads account correctly. It’s truly amazing how fast you can turn around your entire account performance, even within hours.

Only about a week ago I did a live audit with Traver and guided him on how he needs to restructure he account completely. His budget was a bit too low for me to advise him to hire us – because I wasn’t 100% certain I can make his investment profitable – and he didn’t know if his boss would approve a larger budget.

However, I took an extra 5 to 10 minutes on our call to explain how a good structure should look like and how he should go about building it himself. 24 hours later I received this email:


NOTE: this guide I put together is intended for people who have the time and want to build their own Google Ads account, the expert way. Traver happened to become a client, and it’s even better to be able to help him, but you don’t have to become a client :).

On a side note, me and Andrew, on my team ended up launching Traver’s new campaigns that following Monday (January, 21st 2020) and Andrew received this email from him the very next morning:


If you search for our reviews on Google, you will see that many people who I did a live audit with found value within minutes, and honestly most of them were not a good fit for us, so I was just happy to help out. Here are a couple of examples, if you didn’t click that link:

It literally only took me a few minutes to share my advice and help Rose, Andrew, and many more people world-wide to improve their Google Ads performance.


This reminded me of how easy, fun and exciting it is to help small businesses – the reason and my personal drive behind why I started Yael Consulting and so I decided to update and revamp my course on “how to fix your Google Ads account”. I really hope you find it as helpful!

Sincerely, Lior

UNDER DEVELOPMENT: Since Google has made so many changes to the interface and features over the past two years. I decided to re-recorded the entire course, so it intuitive and more valuable.  Our goal is to have it updated by the first week of February.

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