Get Free Real Help During the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 is hurting millions of small businesses around the world. We know it’s hard enough keeping your lights, let alone trying to optimize your online marketing. Knowing that even a few minutes of our deep expertise can drastically improve your marketing, we’re happy to offer free Google Ads help to small business owners.

In the session we will optimize and improve your Google Ads account:

  • Confirm your tracking is correct and/or fix it
  • Block items that are wasting your money, and teach you how to do it yourself
  • Show you how to correctly structure your account
  • Give you SPECIFIC IDEAS on tactics and strategies you should use during this time

See how we helped Steve’s business during the COVID-19 crisis:

🌟 This is not a pitch or an angle to offer you a “BS Free Audit” and try to sell you anything. It’s our way of helping, and I guarantee that it will help your account perform better 🌟

Investing $2,000+ /month* in Google Ads? Get FREE Help Now

* the reason I require at least $2,000 in Google Ads spend, is because that is likely the minimum enough budget for me to make a meaningful impact

Do you have a paid search account?
(Google Adwords, Bingads)

Here is what other people got out of their audit

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